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Popular Route To Helicopter Tours In Nepal


Helicopter tours in Nepal are a great way to get a taste of what the Himalayas have to offer. These helicopter tours can be tailored to suit your interests, with options to explore Mount Everest, Manaslu, Gosaikunda, Lumbini and many more. It’s not hard to find a route that suits you, and you can be sure that your trip will be a memorable one.

Mount Everest

Everest helicopter tours provide you with a bird’s eye view of the mountains in the Everest region. The tour provides you with a glimpse of the Himalayas and Sherpa villages. You will also be able to enjoy panoramic views of Mount Everest and its surrounding peaks.

The Everest Heli Tour is a one of a kind tour. It is perfect for those who don’t have the time to trek but still want to get a closer look at the natural beauty of the mountains. This tour is suitable for those who want a rush of adrenaline and a fresh perspective of the northern mountain range.

One of the most thrilling experiences in Nepal Helicopter Tours. The journey takes you to the high alpine forests of the Everest region. From here, you will get a close look at the Everest Base Camp, the highest point on the earth at 5,545 meters.

Manaslu Himalaya

Helicopter tours offer breathtaking views of Nepal’s highest mountains. They are great for tourists who prefer to bypass the physical challenges of trekking. These tours also offer a thrill. Here are some of the best helicopter tour options.

One of the best helicopter tour experiences in the Himalayas is the Everest Base Camp tour. This is a spectacular adventure that includes flying over the Khumbu icefall, flying above moraine, and flying above the glacier.

Another is the Manaslu Tour. The Manaslu Himalaya is home to the eighth highest mountain in the world. In addition to the mountain, the area contains many other beautiful snow-covered peaks.

If you are interested in visiting this part of the country, you will need to apply for a visa before making the trip. This visa is not available on arrival and must be obtained from the Nepalese embassy or consulate.


If you are on a trek in Nepal, chances are you have come across the word “Gosainkunda”. It is a sacred lake in the Langtang region of Nepal and is considered a holy place for Hindus and Buddhists alike. A helicopter tour of the lake is a great way to get a glimpse of the region.

Gosainkunda is a popular destination for helicopter tours. The scenic route is perfect for travelers who are interested in trekking, but don’t want to take too much time off the trail.

Located in the high altitude region of Nepal, the lake is one of the most sought after pilgrimages in the country. Hindus and Buddhists travel to Gosaikunda by helicopter to pay their respects.

The Gosainkunda Helicopter Tour provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes. Guests will have the opportunity to see the snow-capped peaks of the Langtang Himalayan Range and neighboring peaks.


If you’re looking for a way to get to remote places, then a helicopter tour is an option. Helicopters provide easy access to important focal points and provide spectacular views. You’ll also find a comfortable seat, which makes it a great alternative to a long-haul flight.

Helicopters offer a unique viewpoint of Nepal. You’ll have the opportunity to see the country from above, allowing you to experience tranquility and spiritual energy from a new angle.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, is a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims. There are nearly 25 monasteries and temples in the area. The area is also home to several meditation centers and Gumbas.

The Lumbini area is filled with new and older temples. It is considered a Buddhist pilgrimage site and hundreds of thousands of people visit it each year.

Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang Trek is one of the lesser known treks in Nepal. Aside from the spectacular scenery, this trek offers cultural, natural, and historical attractions.

The best time to visit this region is in the spring and autumn. However, if you are planning to trek, be prepared to encounter unpredictable weather.

You should also be aware that this region is a restricted trekking zone. If you want to travel in this area, be sure to seek a permit from a certified Nepalese trekking company.

The most popular route is the Upper Mustang Valley. This valley passes through a number of villages. It is a moderately challenging trek and requires frequent switchbacks at high altitudes.

The highest point of the Upper Mustang Trek is at Lo Manthang. At this altitude, the sky is clear and the weather is pleasant.

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