Dayara Bugyal Trek: Beginners Guide



Are you looking for an adventurous trekking experience with your friends and family? Dayara Bugyal Trek is a perfect destination that offers a wholesome experience.It is really nice in the snowy winter and the trekking experience is like a dream. We promise that your experience here will be a lifetime memory.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek is located in Uttarakhand and is like a fairyland because of the snow. Winter offers a completely different view of the Dayara Bugyal trek. Snow covers the trees, rocks and grass. The meadows, which join the lush greenery at other times of the year, turn white in the winter, giving them a different charming look.

This place is famous and stands out from other trekking he spots doing. It has a reputation for being easy to walk, so it is also recommended for first-timers. Climbing steep mountainous areas requires a certain amount of physical strength. Before you go trekking, check your BMI to make sure you are fit enough to continue trekking. Once you arrive at this place, you are sure to have the best time of your life.

Why should I choose the

Dayara Bugyal Trek over other trekking trails?

Experienced Easy Hiking – Average hiking distance is less than 9 km per day. If you have a certain amount of physical strength, even beginners can walk without problems. Easy for those who are already improving their climbing skills

Less crowded – other trekking destinations such as Triund and Kedarkantha see more trekkers on the Dyara Bugyal Trek. Therefore, it is the perfect place for those who want to spend a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle.

Enchanting views – The views of the Garhwal range from Dayara are simply spectacular. The sunset can also be enjoyed here and is a breathtaking sight. From here you can also enjoy views of other peaks such as Srikantha and Gangotri. Overall, the experience you get here is exciting.

Opportunities to Explore – For those who come to hike, Dayara offers a fulfilling experience worth cherishing. Adventure junkies who want to explore more can visit Bakaria Top and Surya Top. The higher the altitude, the better the visibility, but climbing to altitude is highly dependent on weather conditions and snow cover. Skiing is another activity in Dayara from January to March.

Best Time to Go

Winter is clearly the best time to visit the Dayara Bugyal Trek. Heavy snow falls in December. However, snow piles up from January to February, making trekking difficult. So the last week of December to the third week of he January is a good time to enjoy trekking with the Dayara Bugyal Trek. The minimum temperature during this period can reach 5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature can reach up to 20 degrees Celsius.

By Plane: The nearest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport, about 25 km from the capital. From the airport, you can book or hire a taxi to reach your destination.

By Rail: There are two trains to choose from, Nanda Devi Express and Dehradun Express from Delhi. Nandadevi Express departs and arrives from 23:50 to 5:40, Dehradun Express from 21:22 and 5:00 respectively.

Bus: Private bus services are unreliable and we do not recommend using them unless absolutely necessary.

Arriving in Dehradun is basically the starting point of your journey. 5 days is enough to make the most of this trekking experience with Dayara Bugyal Trek. Depart from Dehradun and arrive at Barusu, a village at an altitude of 7,381 feet. It takes about 8 hours to reach the village. Afterward, you must continue from Bals to Vulnarra at an altitude of 9,884 feet. From Barnala you will finally reach your destination Dayara Bugyal.

Are there any risk factors to watch out for?

Highlands – Highlands offer more excitement and adventure, but they also come with risks. Oxygen starvation is a problem at high altitudes. Before embarking on an expedition, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.

Unpredictable Weather –

 Himalayan weather is very unpredictable

It may be okay when you first start your trek, but the weather can get worse as you approach the summit, which is a big problem for hikers.

Injuries – 

Even for experts in this field, injuries are not completely inevitable. Rough terrain and the effort required is a deadly combination that can lead to injuries such as sprains and twisted ankles.In such situations, a first aid kit can help. When faced with this situation, take some time off and don’t overdo it. Scratch it for a while before putting your foot back on to continue the hike.

Disconnection –

 Approaching high altitude puts your cellular network at risk and forces you to disconnect from the rest of the world. This is a big problem for today’s generation. Walkie-talkies are often used by people to communicate with each other or with their guides. Let your family know that you will be away for a while so they don’t worry while you embark on this extreme expedition on the Dayara Bugyal Trek.


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