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Desert Safari Dubai | A Better Way to know Desert Adventure


A desert safari is a unique trip where the main thing you do is drive across dunes in a strong vehicle. Sand is always moving in the desert, so new dunes take a long time to form. Even though it’s hard, some vehicles, like 4×4 Land Cruisers, are made to handle the dunes. When you go on a Desert Safari Dubai, you won’t just hang out in a Bedouin tent and explore the desert.

If you go to the desert, you can go sandboarding, get close to camels, and watch the sunset over the sand dunes. Before you book your first Desert Safari Dubai trip, find out everything you need to know about it. Choose one of these common categories based on your interest and how you like to get around.


Desert safaris in different ways

The best parts of overnight Desert Safari Dubai in the desert are the food and the live shows. Get some hot Arabic coffee and get ready to go sightseeing in Dubai for the day. Don’t risk spending the night in the deserts of Dubai without a guide. Instead, book a tour with Dubai Overnight Safari with Planet Adventures and have all your needs taken care of in advance.

Early morning trips are a great way to avoid crowds and see the area’s beauty before the sun comes up. Now is the time to go sandboarding or rock climbing without dealing with the blazing heat of the afternoon sun. On some desert safaris, you can only ride in a hot air balloon over the desert in the morning. In a Bedouin-style camp, you can end the morning with a satisfying meal of Arabic coffee, dates, and traditional desserts.

If you don’t like getting up early but want to see the best of the Dubai desert, you might want to go on a safari at night. Some of the best things about a nighttime desert safari, which usually starts between 3 and 4 p.m., are falconry, sandboarding, dune bashing, and riding a quad.

Take a slow camel ride back to camp before sunset and watch the desert’s yellow, orange, and blue hues change. When night comes, though, the desert comes to life. The Planet Adventures’ Dubai Evening Desert Safari Dubai Tour includes traditional cultural shows like henna art, belly dance, and fire shows.


How much does a trip to the desert cost?

The price of a Desert Safari Dubai will vary depending on the tour company, the length of the trip (day, night, or several days), the number of days, the activities, the mode of transportation, the meals, and many other factors.

The package includes camel rides, sandboarding, dune bashing, photo opportunities at sunset, and a stop at a desert camp with more games and refreshments. The Dubai Desert Safari Private Car trip is an excellent choice if you have a big group. When you pay AED189, the price drops to 63 per person for a group of five.

You can go on a luxurious desert safari in Dubai for $120 to $550 per person and feel like a wealthy Emirati. During these luxury Desert Safari Dubai vacations, guests are often picked up from their hotels by a private luxury vehicle, given a variety of alcoholic drinks and gourmet meals, and given their tents and places to sleep for their stay.

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Safari season is from November to March

Since the best time for Desert Safari Dubai tourists is when the weather is nice, attractions are likely to be crowded. But the weather in the desert is a bit different from that in Dubai. Evenings and nights in the desert are often cooler than in the city. This makes a late afternoon or early evening desert safari in the summer a great idea. Due to the extreme heat, tour companies usually don’t offer early morning desert safaris in the summer.


Advice on what to wear on a trip to the Sahara

Cotton and linen are great choices because they let air in and feel cool. During Desert Safari Dubai, Riding a camel or a quad bike is also more relaxing. If you’re going to do any physical activity outside, you probably shouldn’t wear a skirt.

Evenings and nights could get cold, so bring a warm jacket. With a shawl, you can keep the cold out and the sun and dust off. Wear clothes that protect you, like a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Covered shoes are fine, but sandals recommend because they last longer and are easier to clean.


Tips for a Desert Safari in Dubai for the First Time

Make sure to drink water on Desert Safari Dubai. Make sure you have enough water and money just in case you run out. Dune bashing is a difficult thing to do. Don’t eat or drink too much the night before; don’t do this if you’re pregnant or have significant health problems. Find out which of the many Dubai desert safaris is best for you based on your budget, how luxurious you want the trip, and other factors.


Why should you choose The Planet Adventure?

We at The Planet Adventure know more about Desert Safari Dubai trips than anyone else. We have stayed at the top of the Desert Safari business by putting our clients’ needs first and always looking for ways to improve.

Because we own and run our campground, we can promise that you will get the best camping gear, the freshest food, and the friendliest service. We only hired the most experienced safari drivers as guides to make sure your safety on safari. Because of this, you should talk to experts and bring back good memories.

Planet Adventure has some of the best packages for a Desert Safari Dubai. There are many kinds of desert safaris, from early morning trips to overnight trips with activities like dune bashing, camel rides, breakfast, and stargazing.

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