Jeep Safari in Sam desert of Jaisalmer



Embark on this trip with Desert Safari Jaisalmer to get away from the city and enjoy an exciting desert experience. Drive an SUV across the Thar Desert. As you ride a camel through the sand dunes, let your heart rate rise. You can also enjoy a delectable gala meal while learning about traditional tradition. You will have the full travel adventure in safety, comfort, security, and safety. We are regarded as the most reputable desert safaris in Jaisalmer because we offer the best services in the city. Jeep Safari is one of the few types of transportation that can both give you a sense of adventure and provide you with a fun ride.

Jeep Safari in Jaisalmer is special

Being able to drive a jeep among the sand dunes while admiring the breathtaking beauty of the jeep safari Jaisalmer desert is what makes the Jaisalmer Jeep Safari special. You might also see desert animals like black buck antelope. A jeep safari is the easiest and quickest way to see the desert. A jeep safari can appear to be very picturesque when the sunrise is seen from the middle of the desert. An evening safari through the dunes just before dusk is another distinctive experience. Visitors can experience the vibrant Rajasthani culture on a Jeep safari. They can go to the villages and spend the night in one of the camps.

Half of Jaisalmer’s

Half of Jaisalmer’s residents still reside in a famous sandcastle, which is visible from the journey to this desert city. The past and present coexist in this town in many ways. The Golden City and Jaisalmer are both states in Rajasthan. In the heart of the Thar Desert, it is located. The population of 752,211 is only 2022. With the crowned Jaisalmer Fort, this desert town’s yellowish sandstone construction emits golden hues when exposed to sunlight. Despite its unfavourable climate, Jaisalmer is a popular travel destination.. It has lovely camps and a long tradition of mangniyar music and folk dance. Within a few kilometres, numerous camps teams have set up fortresses, Havelis, and abandoned villages. It provides you with a window into the arid, enigmatic, but intensely felt desert past.

Due to its amenities, Prince Desert Camp in Sam Dunes is usually more well-liked. Away from the hustle and bustle, you will discover a tranquil environment that is decorated with the hues of tradition and tranquil tones. At Prince Desert Camp in Jaisalmer, you’ll discover a fantastic fusion of historical structures, cutting-edge conveniences, and regional cuisine. Luxury camping has a beautiful appeal and is rich in culture.


What makes the Sam Sand Dunes Jeep Safari so thrilling?

One of the most well-known places to visit in Jaisalmer is Sam Sand Dunes.


Visit Sam Sand Dunes and go on a Jeep Safari in Sam Sand Dunes Jaisalmer if you want to create extraordinary and life-long memories while you’re there!

What does a Jeep Safari at Sam Sand Dunes cost?

Jaisalmer village jeep safari costs just 700 INR per person.

Each person must pay INR 800 for the Sam Sand Dune Jeep Safari.

Jeep excursion The fossil park in Sam Sand Dunes is only INR 1000 per person.

This will be a very different experience from the youngster’s favourite road trips, which we can predict will become your new passion. The best adventurous tour in Jaisalmer is the Jeep Safari Tour in the Sam Sand Dunes. The early morning, just after sunrise, is the best time for such excursions. The best time to go on a safari through the deserts is just before sunset, when the sun’s reddish-orange rays make the desert seem magical and the temperature has dropped a bit.

Each and every one of us has a Jeep drive with friends on our bucket list. One can design their own itinerary, choose their own stops, and simply ride for hours while taking in the scenery. The Golden City is another well-known nickname for Jaisalmer. Beautiful Havelis, breathtaking temples, and vibrant markets abound in Jaisalmer.

When you book our desert camp in Jaisalmer package, which includes all desert adventurous tour like camel safari, jeep safari, and jaisalmer desert safari with these, you can also enjoy dinner and buffet. Jaisalmer jeep safari is the best desert safari activity in Jaisalmer. The camp’s best musical and Kalbeliya dance programme, evening tea, and buffet dinner are all offered at the Jaisalmer Dekho Desert Camp.


Jaisalmer is regarded as a royal city that is beautiful to observe. If you are truly interested in learning more about the lives of Maharajas and Maharanis, you should visit this location. You can see the breathtaking Thar desert from here, which will make you realise how insignificant you and your problems are and probably at this point you will realise that life is all about making memories, and Jeep Safari Jaisalmer will provide you with an unforgettable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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