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11 Do’s and Don’s When You Travel to Dubai


so  A most popular activity during Dubai holidays is having a city tour or riding a luxury coach and covering all Dubai tourist points and famous landmarks, which you always thought of in dreams with live commentary. Also, visit the Dubai museum with free entry charges. So pack your bags and travel to dubai

Since Dubai is an entirely different city, it’s better if you book a Dubai tour package so that you always have your next move lined up for your trip; according to our research, Roaming Routes offers the best Dubai Packages, or if you have anything else in mind, you can go with it.

But going to an unknown country is undoubtedly a matter of concern. Every country follows different laws and cultures; sometimes, we misinterpret specific rules and protocols. We understand how you want to take a Dubai tour without any trouble and complications. This article will help you in figuring out what are the essential things to do and not do on the Dubai Tour. 

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  • Riding silently on Dubai Creek in a luxury Dhow Cruise, 
  • Innovating Dubai skyline from an upper deck, 
  • Order some food, smoke sheesha along with inviting musical performances.

Do’s and Dont’s on Dubai Tour

  • Do Bargain 
  • Do learn some Dubai phrases
  • Decide on the fare before getting into any vehicle
  • Do not wear revealing clothes to the mosque
  • Do not misbehave or try to damage the public property 
  • Do not talk enviously about their resident
  • Don’t do drugs
  • Don’t touch a Dubai person’s head
  • Do take care of your valuable possessions
  • Do not spit on the roads
  • Do have unlimited fun

11 Do’s and Don’t When you Travel to Dubai are:

#1 Do Bargain

Out of so many things like nightlife and beaches in Dubai, shopping is one of the reasons you should take a Dubai tour. For all the shopaholics, Dubai is a natural paradise where one can buy artistic crafts at a very reasonable price. One thing you should be mindful of while shopping bargaining is encouraged in the Dubai market, so you shouldn’t miss a chance to save some money, but do it politely. 

#2 Do Learn Some Dubai Phrases

Every place has its own culture, value, and language; therefore, you need to learn some common Dubai phrases that can help you deal with many things. 

Some common Dubai phrases are:

  • Marhaba -hello
  • Kaeefhalak- how are you?
  • Sabah el Khair to greet Good morning.
  • Massa el Khair to greet Good evening.
  • Tahiyat for normal greetings
  • MaAaes-Salama to say Goodbye.
  • Is a – Excuse me
  • As – sorry.

#3 Decide on the Fare Before Getting Into Your Vehicle

Cabs and the metro is easily accessible in Dubai; thus, it’s an intelligent decision to hire them for minimum distances. Before sitting in a cab, discuss the fares with the taxi driver and try to bargain.

Please do not take a ride from a driver standing in a group because they often decide upon a price that is way higher than the actual price.

#4 Do Not Wear Revealing Clothes to the Mosque

Dubai might look like strict city, but the reality is that the local women are very sophisticated. Avoid cut sleeves and off-shoulder dresses while entering the mosque. Wear long skirts or pants that cover your body well . If you don’t; then you’d not be allowed to enter the sacred buildings. 

#5 Do Not Misbehave or Try to Damage the Public Property 

Respecting the people and place you have welcomed you generously is essential. Being careful and avoiding mischievous, like damaging the property, is what is expected from civilized visitors. A hefty penalty is charged to the culprits who harm public property in Dubai. so travel to Dubai now!!.

#6 Do Not Talk Envy About Their King

The people of Dubai respect their king a lot and therefore, just do not say anything envious about their king to avoid a big bizzare. Always respect the royal family and their decisions. 

#7 Don’t Do Drugs

Many people believe that drugs are allowed in the fun city,, but the Dubai laws are stringent against drugs. So, avoid consuming them. Sheesha is undoubtedly legal and popular here. 

#8 Don’t Touch a Dubai Person’s Head

Dubai people consider the head as the most esteemed part of their body, and touching it is offensive to them. You feel a child like that as a friendly gesture, but we would still advise you not to.

#9 Do Take Care of Your Valuable Possessions

Be it for any holiday place; you should always take care of your things. Cautious travellers wander with the least luggage and free themselves from any obligation. It is always advisable to carry fewer clothes and almost no valuable jewellery. But, even if you do, so, it is your responsibility to take care of it.

#10 Do Not Spit on the Roads

Do take the laws of Dubai leniently; they are very strict regarding some rules and one, them include spitting on the road. If you do so, a heavy fine might be imposed on you. Also, don’t through garbage in the streets.   

#11 Do have unlimited fun

Visit exquisite Jumeirah beach, experience an adventurous desert safari, get stoned with a fantastic view of Burj Al Arab, explore the old Bur Dubai and enter in largest shopping malls in the world. Do everything! have unlimited fun; just lift your life to another level.

Have an Obstacle Free Journey

Above listed are the top 11’s and Don’t to follow when you travel to Dubai. Even a tiny mistake in an unknown country can get you into big trouble, so it’s better to know all the basics Do’s and Don’t about Dubai. 

So plan your following Dubai Holidays and unleash the holiday with loads of discounts and comfort. A good tour operator gives more than you can expect. You can customize Dubai tour packages from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Jaipur.

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